Upcycled Vinyl Record Jewellery


Unusual bracelet created from unplayable discarded vinyl records.

Made up of four squares (3cmX3cm) of black vinyl record set at ninety degrees to each other this bracelet will go with any outfit and definately be a talking point.
The grooves of the record catch the light and really add to the charm of this piece.
Hinged clasp with safety chain and adjustable length fastening.

Everything I make is recycled from something else. Even my business cards and jewellery packaging are made from cereal packets!

By choosing Nothing New by Ruthie Ru you are not only getting a one off, handmade and eye catching piece of jewellery, you are making a conscious decision to support our planet by reusing what would otherwise end up in landfill.

Jewellery with a heart and a backstory!

What’s not to love!