STUDS FOR AUSTRALIA Upcycled Vinyl Record Studs - Nothing New by Ruthie Ru


Shipping to United States: $2.59

75% OF ALL SALES FROM THIS LISTING WILL GO DIRECTLY TO ‘WIRES’ WILDLIFE RESCUE ORGANISATION to help with the rescue of animals affected by the Australian Bushfires.

You will receive a pair of black studs of a random design but similar size to this.

Studs made from a black vinyl record.

Vinyl records make fabulous earrings as they are so light!!

Everything I make is recycled from something else. Even my business cards and jewellery packaging are made from cereal packets!

By choosing Nothing New by Ruthie Ru you are not only getting a one off, handmade and eye catching pair of earrings you are making conscious decision to support our planet by reusing what would otherwise end up in landfill.

Jewellery with a heart and a backstory!

What’s not to love!

Stainless steel post.